India is a land of uncountable opportunities in any business and discipline. From technological research to entertainment and sports to manufacturing industries, there are immense opportunities for aspiring professionals and business owners to establish and excel in possibly the world’s largest country. 

With such a large audience for virtually everything, Indian influencers and stars carry a larger-than-life persona. Whether they are sporting heroes, Bollywood celebrities, or social media influencers, they have an immense public following, which makes them a hot property for marketing campaigns. 

That’s why it is no surprise that influencer marketing in India is a critical element in promoting brands, businesses, and whatnot.

But in a country of so many influencers and influencer agencies, it’s understandably more competitive when crowning the ultimate influencer. Such an influencer is not only a social media sensation but also has a resounding presence in print media and television. 

In this post, we will talk about one such individual that holds the crown of being the best influencer in India. 

Virat Kohli: the Best Influencer in India

It’s a no-brainer when picking the most influential celebrity in India right now. While you might have thought of some Bollywood names for the crown, Virat Kohli has something which makes him a sweetheart and the most deserving person for this title. Why? Let’s find out.

Striking a 100 Crore Deal with MRF

MRF is one of the top tire manufacturers in India. The brand always makes sure to pick the best influencers to market itself. One of the all-time legends, Sachin Tendulkar, carried the MRF sticker on his bat for most of his career, especially when he became possibly the most prominent sporting star ever for India. 

Historically, MRF has always partnered with the best names in the game, including Brian Lara and AB De Villiers. 

Kohli carried forward the legacy when he struck a 100-crore deal with MRF in 2017. Kohli was captaining the Indian cricket team at the time of the deal. More importantly, India maintained a noticeable presence in all international tournaments at the time, meaning Kohli’s deal would benefit the brand at the grandest stage. 

Partnering with a Global Sporting Brand

Before signing the deal with MRF, Kohli also partnered with Puma, a global sports brand, for a record 110 crore in 2017. According to the deal, Kohli would receive a fixed payment of 12 crores annually for eight years, and his earnings with the brand association will be in the form of royalties.  

Kohli’s deal with Puma also made him the first Indian sportsperson to sign a deal of more than 100 crores with a single brand. 

Endorsing Audi for a 5 Crore Deal

Kohli also signed a 5-crore deal with the global automotive leader Audi. Even though the numbers don’t compare as well as some of his other deals, a brand like Audi adds one more feather to his cap, establishing him as one of the most influential people not just in India but around the globe too. 

Most Followed Indian on Instagram

Virat Kohli has the largest followership on Instagram. He has more than 255 million Instagram followers and is way ahead of any other Indian celebrity. Moreover, he is also the most followed cricketer on Instagram worldwide.

Such immense followership makes Virat an ideal celebrity to convey your brand message to the masses. But remember, you must be ready to pay the price for it too. Right now, Kohli earns up to 14 crores for a single Instagram post. Therefore, he’s clearly the right influencer for businesses that can afford to pay such a sum to the best influencer in India. 


Virat Kohli has a net worth of more than $127 million. He is easily the best, surpassing the top influencer in India and the hottest attraction for top brands to get their message across to billions. 

What makes Kohli such an attraction? Is it just his game or his public persona? 

Tell us in the comment section below.