The social media landscape in India is filled with vibrant colors, performers, and activists, much like the country itself. While there are more than 448 million social media users in the country, it is no surprise that social media is the primary source of information that can influence mass audiences in a multifaceted country like India.

Eventually, social media influencers become a crucial ingredient in influencing the mentality of the masses, guiding them in different directions, whether good or bad. 

So, while there are thousands of social media influencers, only some qualify as the best influencer in India. This post will look at some of the top names changing the country’s social media landscape. 

YouTube Sensation Ranveer Allahbadia Makes His Show the Number One Podcast In India

Ranveer Allahbadia is among India’s top social media influencers and is highly regarded for his work on YouTube. Ranveer ranks among the first few bloggers in the country as he started his YouTube channel called ‘Beerbiceps’ in August 2015.

For seven years, Ranveer’s show has been among the most-watched online shows in India and is currently rated as the number-one podcast in the country. 

The Ranveer Show Featuring Intellectuals from Various Cultural and Professional Sectors

While there are many other podcasts and online talk shows, Ranveer’s podcast takes a different direction to enlighten the masses with new and relevant information. It’s perhaps a significant reason why the show stands out and continues to influence social media audiences.

The show is inspired by Ranveer’s journey to fitness and weight loss. Eventually, the show synced with millions, creating an audience that later became India’s most extensive fitness YouTube channel.

Currently, his biggest project is The Ranveer Show. It’s one of the brainiest online podcasts on self-improvement. So far, the podcast has featured some of the top celebrities from Bollywood, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and many successful professionals, authors, sports icons, industry tycoons, and many more. 

The guests share their stories and struggle for success and positivity. Thanks to this show, Ranveer has more than 5 million subscribers on YouTube.

The format of the show, combined with the quality of guests and discussed topics, makes it a perfect combination of entertainment, intellect, and value. That’s why Ranveer can be considered an influencer in its truest sense. 

Globally Recognized Influencer on Social Media

Ranveer Allahbadia has been recognized globally for his work on social media. According to Forbes, Ranveer will be a top social media influencer in 2023, the one public must follow. 

Ranveer’s podcasts are captivating because they are inclusive of various cultures and professionals from society. As a result, listeners always have something that they can relate to. Eventually, it potentially helps Ranveer leave an impact on the audience, who keep coming for more.

Until now, Ranveer has more than 700 million views on his YouTube videos, indicating how far-reached his content has become, especially in the Indian audience. 


Ranveer Allahbadia is a social media influencer in its true sense. In a competitive Indian industry, he has made it to the top, which itself is an indicator of the quality and influence of social media audiences. 

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