Freelance jobs typically involve contract-based work. As a freelancer, you will be assigned work by a company or an individual. Nowadays, a good percentage of freelancers work remotely, while many may work on-site if the client requests.

In this post, we will go through the top ten freelance jobs on Upwork to help you pick a career for your freelance work.

Why Go for a Freelance Job?

So what advantages does a freelance job offer? Here is what you need to know:

You Get Flexible Hours

As a freelancer, you can pick working hours on your own. Primarily if you work remotely, flexible work timings are a major advantage. For instance, Singapore businesses usually operate between 9 am to 6 pm

So, if you want to continue your job and take up freelancing, you can pick your working hours without compromising your current job.

Pick Your Working Style and Location

Upwork freelance jobs also allow you to pick job locations. If you have a laptop, working from home is a great idea. However, you can rent a single-family office in Singapore for a reasonable price if you have a growing team. 

Best Freelance Jobs on Upwork

Here are some of the best high-paying jobs on Upwork.

1. PR Manager 

Public Relations is critical for any company that wants to expand its outreach. As a PR manager, you will make strategies that portray a positive company image for your clients. 

Moreover, PR managers create links with critical media agents and contacts, ensuring healthy relations, managing crises, etc.

To become a PR manager, you need expertise in online marketing, and having more experience will open up better opportunities. Typically, PR managers on Upwork can earn $50 to $100 per hour. 

Also, it’s a growing field as more companies are conscious of a dedicated PR manager for their business. 

2. Business Consultancy

Business consultants help companies to improve their day-to-day operational and managerial affairs. They solve various challenges by providing key insights and recommendations thanks to their experience in the consultancy field. 

Business consultancy can be a profitable job for Singapore businesses as it’s one of the most inhabitable regions for any business.

A business consultant earns between $28 and $98 per hour, and the field promises to grow by 11% in the next eight years. 

3. Photography

As the trend for social media and photo sharing continues to grow, people want to capture precious and important moments with a professional lens. 

That’s why qualified photographers are in more demand these days. Moreover, businesses now understand the value of professional photographers for branding and marketing, so it’s a profitable freelance niche paying up to $100 per hour if you’re good with the camera. 

4. AI Professional

Artificial intelligence is everywhere, so there is no better time to dive into the field of AI professionals. Typically, they are developers who work on various models like NLP (Natural Language Processing), machine learning, and many others.

As an AI professional, you can earn $25 to $50 per hour, and it’s a rapidly growing field. Moreover, the better you become, the more you can earn. 

5. Data Analyst

Data analysis is one of the many applications of data science, and it’s a fast-growing field. That’s why there are thousands of data analyst jobs on Upwork. As a data analyst, you will analyze specific types of data for your clients.

It involves customer behavior analysis and many other business aspects. 

The idea is to analyze and identify patterns that can help businesses with their day-to-day affairs. Data analyst jobs can pay up to $50 an hour on Upwork. 

6. Copywriter

Copywriters write copies like emails, ebooks, articles, and business advertising material. It’s a critical aspect of marketing, so business professionals often pay handsome money to 

copywriters who can create engaging and attractive copies to promote businesses. 

At Upwork, you can earn up to $45 an hour as a copywriter. 

7. Project Management

Project managers devise business workflows and improve business operations. From ensuring timely deliveries to managing teams, project managers take on a variety of tasks that can improve the operational efficiency of their clients.

Upwork project manager roles can pay up to $45 per hour, and the field will likely grow by 7% in the next few years. 

8. Editorial Jobs

Websites that feature blogs, articles, and other written content often require editors and proofreaders to validate the facts and tone of their content. Therefore, editors and proofreaders have a large scope for freelance remote jobs on platforms like Upwork. 

You can earn $20 to $40 per hour as an editor, and there are more than 10000 job openings every year.

9. App Developers

If you’re into tech and development, you can try your luck as a mobile app developer on Upwork. The field offers a versatile playing area where you can develop cross-platform, native, and hybrid applications for your clients. 

Mobile app developers earn up to $38 per hour on Upwork.

10. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants provide remote services to clients running errands for their clients. For instance, data entry, managing emails, and organizing business operations.

As a result, you can relieve your clients from their duties and improve their work efficiency. Virtual assistants earn up to $20 an hour, and it’s profitable. 


Did you find your favorite freelance job in this list? If you need more help in finding the right job, you can contact me to find the ideal freelance job to get you started.