Joseph is a network engineer from Texas who set a new example of efficiency in remote working. The 48-year-old worked three full-time jobs simultaneously, helping himself to an annual income of $344,000 last year.

While fighting a moral battle of working three jobs and keeping them a secret from one another, the financial benefits seemed too intriguing for him, enabling him to pay off debts and invest in the future. 

How Extra Earning Helped Joseph

Working three jobs at a time caused more mental stress. However, the extra income helped him pay off the remaining $129,000 on his mortgage. Now, he plans on saving for his kids’ college education. 

Initially, Joseph’s wife did not support the idea of multiple jobs, considering it morally wrong. However, she left the decision to Joseph, allowing him to decide how long he wished to continue his roles in multiple jobs. 

This was due to the lifestyle that Joseph was able to provide, thanks to his multiple jobs. It gave them financial freedom. 

Joseph mentions that in addition to his mortgage, he paid off his car and bought a car in cash for his son, seeking financial comfort for their future. 

Interestingly, Joseph never spent on ambitious trips and luxury toys, as he wants to save maximum money for his children’s future. 

Managing Three Jobs at a Time – How?

Interestingly, Joseph only worked some of the three jobs simultaneously. Moreover, he sequentially obtained each job. And every time he acquired a new job, he planned on entirely investing his time and leaving the other two. 

However, he eventually observed that he could work all three jobs simultaneously, and it had all to do with the fully remote nature of each job. Here is a breakdown of his job acquisitions:

  • His first job paid him $117,500 a year; until early 2020, he only had one job.
  • Later, Joseph received a new IT role with a $120,000 salary.
  • He later received a job in IT offering a $120,000 annual salary.

The Catalyst to Simultaneous Working

Joseph explained that he considered giving up his first job before taking on the second one. But his coworker convinced him to work both jobs at a time. Moreover, it was pretty feasible because his first job required him to ‘actually work’ for only four to five hours a week.

Moreover, Joseph was prepared to quit one of the jobs if he couldn’t manage both. 

Joseph’s second job initially required him to work up to 40 hours a week, and nearly six months into the job, Joseph received a new job role, meaning he could bring down his second job’s working hours to five to eight hours a week. 

Understanding that he could manage all three jobs, Joseph decided to juggle between the three jobs. 

Joseph Seamlessly Manages Three Jobs 

Nowadays, Joseph conveniently manages three jobs working 40 hours a week. He switched to a new ‘job three’ in September last year, helping himself to a $125,000 annual salary with the new job role. 

However, it makes him feel exhausted, and he considers dropping the idea. However, his job-oriented mindset and the thought of student debt and educational loan keeps him motivated.  

He further added that extra jobs gave him more job security. And as a possible recession is around the corner, he will likely have a financial cushion even if he’s laid off from one or two of his current jobs. 

The Risk of Working Two or More Jobs

According to Federal and State Laws in the United States, working two or more jobs is illegal. That’s why many workers are often worried about being found out.

Interestingly, Joseph is not the only person working more jobs to meet his life needs. Many Americans work more than one job to tackle inflation, and with the advent of remote jobs, it’s easier for most workers to manage multiple jobs simultaneously. 

However, companies have now revised their policies, asking remote employees to appear physically in offices, and IT companies are now laying off remote workers. 

Such violations can often lead to losing jobs, and several workers have become victims. 

Did Joseph Ever Get Caught?

Joseph mentions that he is often worried about getting caught. However, it’s a common problem in an overemployment lifestyle. Moreover, he talks about how IT roles give him more freedom and that he never has enough time and freedom to manage time and work in different roles for each of his companies.

In addition, Joseph has informed many of his trusted coworkers about his multiple jobs so they cover for him when needed.

Final Thoughts

It’s pretty bold to risk a well-paid job by working three simultaneously, and Joseph has been doing it effectively. A bit of out-of-the-box thinking has helped him pay off substantial financial loads. 

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