Tried stretching a rubber band before?

It can snap if pulled too tightly. If you let it relax then it loses its purpose. Similarly in life we all face such a situation. We tend to perform better under stress but snap when under too much of it. What can hurt more when there is no appreciation for  the effort and time that you have spent doing certain things. Lack of this appreciation can dampen your spirits. It can be very hurting and it can also make you feel frustrated. Sometimes you even stop to wonder why am I doing all this for. Then it strikes you. It’s not what you do for people that matter. It really doesn’t. Ask yourself, have you improved the lives of others? Have you created value? Have you benefited them in one way or another? If you have then you have done a fantastic job. Well done! How many of us will actually go out of our way to do these things to make a change. It’s ok if it goes unappreciated. It’s ok if people don’t take notice and it’s also ok if nobody acknowledges you. The whole world is busy with their own stuff that whatever you do goes unnoticed for the moment. I repeat, it’s for the moment. Be patient. There will come a time when they will start to realise, amidst your absence things are different. Amidst your absence things aren’t moving. Amidst your absence there will be difficulty organizing things. It’s only amidst your absence that  all these will take place. Why must it lead to such an extent and everything has to end this way. We are all on this earth living with an undisclosed lease period. When will our time end? We will never know. At least while alive, let’s start to say thanks to everything that we have. Let’s do good without any expectation of appreciation. Words used wrongly can be more hurting compared to a cut by a knife. Open wounds will one day heal but not a heart scarred by hurtful words. If words were put to good use, can you imagine how powerful it could turn out be. That’s just what I’m going to do. With just words alone I’m going to be creating a new disruption and transforming things for good. Wait and watch!