During the MOP, you cannot sell your flat or rent out the entire one. However, you can rent out individual rooms as long as each rental is at least six months. Occupying at least one bedroom is mandatory to avoid any complications with HDB. Additionally, you are not allowed to purchase any form of private prope Planning to apply for a BTO flat in an upcoming BTO exercise? Before you decide which unit to vote for, you must be sure you don’t mind living in the neighborhood and estate for at least five years. That’s because of HDB’s Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) rule, which states that you cannot sell or rent out your entire HDB flat until five years after collecting your keys.

What Does HDB MOP Mean?

HDB MOP is a rule that restricts you from selling or renting out the entire flat during the first five years of moving in. During the MOP, you cannot buy another private property.

The HDB MOP helps to prevent homeowners from ‘flipping’ their newly-purchased flat for a profit immediately. This prevents the ‘lottery effect’ from taking hold, especially for prime-district HDB flats.

Duration of the MOP

The duration of the MOP depends on how you purchased your flat, the flat type, and the date you applied for the flat. Here are the available MOP durations for different types of HDB flats:

  • New HDB flats (including BTO, Executive Condominium (EC), and Design, Build and Share Scheme (DBSS)): Five years
  • New HDB flats under the HDB PLH Model: 10 years
  • Resale HDB flats (2-room or bigger, applied on or after 30 August 2010): Five years
  • SERS flats: Five years after receiving the keys
  • Flats bought under the Fresh Start Housing Scheme: 20 years

There are some exceptions to the HDB MOP for resale flats, but these are rarities, such as 1-room flats or flats bought before 30 August 2010 without any CPF Housing Grants.

What Can’t You Do Before Your Hrty.

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After the HDB MOP Is Up

After meeting the MOP requirements, you can sell your flat, rent out the entire one, or buy another private property. However, for flats sold under the HDB PLH Model, you can only rent part of the flat even after completing the extended 10-year MOP.

Why Is HDB MOP Important?

The primary role of an HDB flat in Singapore is to provide housing, not serve as an investment. The MOP seeks to prevent people from buying flats and immediately reselling them for higher prices.

How Can I Check the MOP of My HDB Flat?

To check the MOP of your HDB flat, you can navigate My HDBPage. Log in to My HDBPage with your SingPass, go to My Flat, and then head to Purchased Flat > Flat Details > Minimum Occupation Period (MOP).

Post-MOP: Is There Anything Else I Need to Know?

After fulfilling the MOP and deciding to sell your HDB flat, you must also check if you meet the Ethnic Integration Policy (EIP) and Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) Quotas.

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The EIP quota ensures a balanced mix of ethnic groups in all HDB estates, promoting racial integration and harmony. If selling your HDB flat is within the EIP and SPR quota of the block/neighborhood, you will not be able to sell your HDB flat.


Understanding the HDB Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) is crucial for HDB flat owners in Singapore. The MOP helps regulate the resale and rental market, preventing property speculation and maintaining the affordability of public housing. By adhering to the MOP guidelines, homeowners can contribute to the stability and social harmony of HDB estates.