This is a short story. A conversation between a Father and his son. One day the son asked his father about the way he felt towards his friends who were behaving towards him in school. Some of his friends were nice and helpful while some were mean and pure bullies. He kept having to manage his feelings all the time. Sometimes he felt happy and joyful while around his good friends and sometimes he felt angry and hurt when he gets picked on by the bullies. The son was confused and didn’t know what to do so he decided to ask his dad for advice.


Son: Dad, I have a problem managing my emotions. Sometimes i feel happy and sometime i feel angry.

Father: I see. Come on Son have a sit. Let me share a secret about the two wolves within you.

( sounding curious) Son: I have two wolves within me?

Father: Yes son, two wolves. We grow two small wolves within us. All of us do. One is a good, kind and helpful wolf while the other is a pure evil, manipulative and selfish wolf. Every day these two wolves would fight amongst themselves to see who is more powerful. These fights will take place all the time.

Son: So Dad tell me please. Which wolf wins in the end?

Father: The one that you feed.