Recently, influencer marketing has become a popular strategy for brands in India to connect with consumers. With the rise of social media users in the country, influencers have gained significant popularity and influence. To help businesses navigate the Indian market and launch successful influencer marketing campaigns, several startups have emerged as leaders in the field. In this blog, we will explore the top 5 best influencer marketing company in India and what sets them apart.

Accordingly, startups specializing in influencer marketing provide brands with the opportunity to:

  • Uncover, reach out to, and choose particular influencers that suit their campaigns
  • Develop intriguing content for different social media platforms
  • Establish and maintain healthy associations with influencers
  • Thoroughly evaluate the performance of a campaign along with other essential metrics.

1. AJ Marketing:

AJ Marketing is a renowned influencer marketing company in India with a network of over 7,000 influencers across the Asia-Pacific region. Simultaneously, they work with some of the most prestigious content creators in India, covering various niches such as gaming, fashion, beauty, and food. What sets AJ Marketing apart is its deep understanding of the Indian market. Further, they are able to provide top-notch English support for brands. With a local office in India, they have insider knowledge that can help global brands successfully enter the local market.

2. Moburst:

Moburst is a full-service digital agency that has gained recognition for its expertise in influencer marketing. While they initially started with a mobile-first approach, they have now become one of the most sought-after agencies. Without a doubt, Mobursts understands the world of influencers and has experience running successful influencer marketing campaigns.

3. Ykone:

Ykone is the best influencer marketing agency in India that collaborates exclusively with major businesses in the travel, luxury, and beauty industries. For brands looking to tap into the Indian market, Ykone offers a unique data-driven strategy and real-time tracking solution. With a database of 9 million influencers, Ykone has proven its expertise in influencer marketing.

4. Viral Nation:

As the name suggests, Viral Nation has mastered the art of creating viral influencer marketing campaigns. Subsequently, they believe that audiences are not interested in being sold to, instead, they desire attention and genuine connections. Henceforth, Viral Nation focuses on making emotional connections through action-inspiring content from reliable creators.

Hence with a diverse portfolio of clients ranging from technology and gaming to beauty, retail, and fast-moving consumer goods, Viral Nation has proven its ability to deliver outstanding influencer marketing campaigns. In addition, their services include global activations, talent discovery and management, content production, events, social amplification, and reporting and analytics.

5. K D Rooban:

Similarly, KD Rooban is a digital marketing and influencer marketing agency with offices in India and Singapore. In addition to this, they offer end-to-end influencer marketing services and provide celebrity endorsement and digital marketing services. With KD Rooban, businesses can expand their reach, increasing visibility and awareness among the target audience.

Understanding the Key Traits of a Successful Influencer:

When embarking on influencer research, a critical component to examine is their performance statistics, particularly their activity and engagement levels. However, this singular factor does not wholly determine their capacity to effectively endorse your product. Besides, it is equally important to identify an influencer who is authentic, and passionate, treats their followers with respect, and can connect with their audience on a personal level. Further, influencers must be promptly responsive to their audience’s interests and concerns. Moreover, they should excel at generating content that aligns and appeals to your target demographic.

Below, we delve into these crucial traits to gain a holistic idea of what to search for when conducting your influencer research.

Verifying Authenticity-

It is crucial to ascertain that any potential influencer is genuine and their followership consists of real individuals. Because this safeguards against falling for an imposter posing as an influencer with a seemingly vast followership which in reality is mostly bots and dormant accounts.

Specialist in Content Development-

Undeniably, it is crucial to verify the potential influencer has a proven track record of developing content that resonates with your desired consumer base. Notably, the most recommended method of doing so is by examining their social channels and evaluating the calibre of their posts. Hence, consider the following questions while collaborating:

  • Are their content pieces engaging and eye-catching?
  • Do their posts distinguish them in the digital space?
  • Do they employ a variety of formats in their content creation process?
  • Is there a congruence between their promoted values and your own?
  • Would their representation of your brand meet your standards of satisfaction?

Ensure Relatability & Responsiveness-

The influencer you select must portray both relatability and responsiveness. In other words, they should be amicable, approachable, and social. Also, they should construct a harmonious relationship with their followers, without exhibiting any form of disregard. Additionally, the influencer should display humility and engage consistently with their community in a clear and candid manner. Examine their profile carefully. Do they appear amiable in the comment section? How do they handle criticism? Do their followers seem to connect with the content they post?

The best influencers in India:

K d Rooban- 

K D Rooban is a name that has gained significant prominence in the sphere of influencer marketing. With his unique approach and unrivalled skills, he has become a living testament to the power of influencer marketing. Certainly, K d Rooban is a renowned name amongst digital marketing enthusiasts and professionals. He has built a reputation for delivering results and surpassing client expectations consistently. 

Bhuvan Bam-

A recognized comedian, singer, and content creator, Bhuvan Bam is noted for his channel, BB Ki Vines on YouTube. He gained popularity for his comical sketches and characters that resonated deeply with his audience, thus making him one of the top YouTubers in India.

Amit Bhadana-

Famously known for his Hindi vines and sketches on YouTube, Amit Bhadana is a comedian and content creator who has left his mark in the digital realm. With his clever and engaging content, he has built a substantial fanbase, prompting many to consider him a leading YouTuber in India.


CarryMinati (Ajey Nagar)-

Ajey Nagar, widely known as CarryMinati, gained prominence due to his satirical roasting videos on YouTube. In addition to this, his distinctive style and incisive humour resonate well with his audience, amplifying his fame.

Ashish Chanchlani-

Known for his comedic sketches and entertaining videos on YouTube, Ashish Chanchlani is a predominant YouTuber and content creator. His universally relatable content has allowed him to amass a huge following, making him one of India’s top digital influencers.


To sum up, Influencer marketing has become a powerful tool for brands to connect with Indian consumers. The best influencer marketing agency India, including AJ Marketing, Moburst, Ykone, Viral Nation, and K D Rooban, offer unique expertise and services to help brands launch successful influencer marketing campaigns. Definitely, the deep understanding of the Indian market, ability to create viral campaigns, and expertise help these startups to stay at the forefront of influencer marketing in India. Furthermore, brands can leverage the power of influencers like Bhuvan Bam, KD Rooban etc. to reach and engage their target audience in the Indian market.