I’m always thrown to be in a situation to make tough decisions. Its rather stressful as I often think from my heart. However, over time, my heart has become cold as people take advantage of that kindness. I realised that in order to run a successful business, you have to step up and make tough decisions. To overcome the stress and emotional repercussions that may follow suit. I’ve always looked at helping others.

Unfortunately, today, I have to make the toughest decision in my life. To turn someone else’s financial situation into a complete turmoil, BANKRUPTCY. To make someone bankrupt is not a laughing matter. To be the one that calls for it, is saddening. Without any choice, after giving ample amount of time, i’ve proceeded with legal actions. I will need to separate emotions from business.

Business has no emotions, its all about time and money. Its a stressful environment where you eat or be eaten. My employees are my family and they have families of their own. If i allow others to affect my business, and if i am not strong enough, what will happen to all of us. There are a bunch of selfish and heartless people out there who are inconsiderate and have no basic respect and moral values. I do not regret my actions, as i have put much thought into what i do when others have failed to. These are the hard facts of running a business in Singapore.