It is nearing the end of yet another year. Was it a year of ups and downs? Well regardless its how you make of it. If you are wounded, you got a choice to learn from it and become better next year or you can continue to stay wounded throughout. The choice is yours.

Let us go straight to point and hit on a serious note, the future of Men in 2019. Well what about the future of men in 2019 you may ask. Well to be honest we are evolving. We are evolving so fast that are almost losing our male identity. We are competing not only amongst ourselves but also with people from the opposite gender. All that talk about gender equality is somewhat now off tangent. First Men dominated and women submitted. Soon after, the women asked for gender equality. Now we are facing a further tilt in that scale and losing out more to the females.

The Men of 2019 | KD Rooban

So what exactly is happening? For starters our males in our society are suppressed too much. Just look at the laws that govern us. We lose not just 2 years serving the nation but also every year when we have to go back for national service. When we graduate, our fellow female peers have gone way ahead of us in terms of finances, relationships, career etc.

When we are done with our obligations like education and marriage we are almost in our 30s. We still need to buy a house at a much higher price compared to those who were able to start off much earlier in life. This is not only unfair but also stressful for most males.

The Men of 2019 | KD Rooban

Just look at the cost of living. Just the other day, an old lady who was waiting for a taxi happened to strike a conversation with me. She told me that she is old now and is lucky that she was able to accumulate enough fortune to sustain her retirement. She pities the generations that come after her as she admits that there is no way they could afford a peaceful living here. The future generations can forget about buying real estate unless they want to live a life focused on paying their mortgage. Buying a house which they would hardly ever enjoy living in.

Let’s face it. Times have indeed changed. Relationships have become more stressful and the divorce rates are on the steady rise. Women these days maintain a high expectation of men and men are struggling to meet those expectations. For me what I feel is that, if you have a woman who can only be happy with materialistic gains, dump her immediately. She is not going to be with you when you are down and out.

The Men of 2019 | KD Rooban

Majority of women out there are objective. Get a guy, get married, buy a house have my own kitchen have kids and go for holidays plan for retirement go shopping buy this buy that blah blah.. Enough!

I think the men of 2019 are no longer interested in such arrangements. The men of 2018 have all lost their happiness. This is not only about self contentment. It has become a psychological disease. We not only need our own personal space but I think we would like to relook our options. We do not live in a rosy environment. Our challenges are real and to provide for the family is no longer an easy task.

The Men of 2019 | KD Rooban

Men of 2019 should look beyond the horizon. Staying in one place and doing what everyone else is doing is not going to solve or create any major change in your life. Men of 2019 seek a partner who would allow them to breathe and explore new horizons. Embrace the failures your man makes. If you cannot support financially do not scrutinize him. If you cannot accept him just leave him. You are both going to do good by doing just that. Peace begins when an ambition ends. If you want a man who is ambitious then you got to learn to live with the consequences of life that is going to be happy and sad interchangeably.

Men of 2019 will need to learn more than just the school texts education. The men of 2019 need to network form alliances and also learn more about financial literacy. Remember money is just a tool. By keeping your tools and not using them is not going to yield you anything. Likewise holding onto money and not making it work for you is going to work against you. Poverty is lack of financial literacy not a lack of finance.

The Men of 2019 | KD Rooban

Men of 2019 need to dare challenge the norms passed down by previous generations. Remember they don’t live the life you did.

The men of 2019, need to define true happiness. Getting great grades in schools is not going to guarantee to you an awesome future. If your surrounding is trash then I’m sorry to say this but you will continue to remain as one. Pick up the trash and dispose of it. Clear your way for cleaner greener you.

With all that said, I would like to just remind everyone to identify chronic stress and look into ways to rid it. It is not worth to live a life under constant stress. Where is the joy in that? Happy New Year Everyone!