After my last blog post, dated 8th of July 2015, about how Singaporean Men have become unfit for the Singaporean Women, i have received many feedback from the local women. So I decided to go further and find out what actually women want and how men should handle women by addressing their needs and concerns.

Gentleman with Girl Surprise Flowers

You see women are not so complicated when it comes to relationships. We men think that they are, but in actual fact their not. They just have alot of difficulties expressing themselves and like to drop hints for us to pick up. Men being men we are lazy and complacent and we don’t really care about all these stuff. However for women, even the minute things are important.

Let me give you an example. I walk into a flower shop and buy her a bouquet of, hmmm lets say roses. Red roses. I get them delivered to her. From a guys point of view we assume that she’ll love it and she’ll like us for the thoughtful gesture. But wait! its not that simple. You assumed that all girls like red roses right? BANG! She just shot you down. She turns around and tells you in your face, “DUDE i don’t like flowers at all. I’d prefer if you had asked me first before getting them for me”. You feel pissed about her reaction and she feels disappointed that you didn’t really take the effort to understand her. This is what we call a communication breakdown. Guys like to assume that all girls are the same. Every girl wants to feel unique and special.

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Relationships are about striking a balance. It shouldn’t matter if one party is stronger or weaker than the other. Relationships can be disastrous if it becomes a power struggle. The man feels that things should go his way. The woman couldn’t care less about what he thinks and she goes about doing her stuff. There are no such things as no differences in a relationship. Its somewhat similar to a business. Individual characteristics play a major role in this play and every artiste needs to put up a good act. Everything is just an act. We’re talking about the Oscars here. I personally  know a few nominations. *Winks*

Value in a relationship is also important. When one party fails to realize his/her partner’s true worth, be prepared to part ways soon. We don’t live in a world where forgiveness is perpetual. People will get sick and tired when they are not valued. We are humans after all. Learn about yourself first and then analyze your partner’s worth.

If you cant cope up with his/hers progress speak to them. Tell them how you feel. Communication is important. Don’t hold on to people who don’t value you. Obviously heartbreaks are inevitable but dragging them along and not expressing how you really feel is only going to hurt you and the other party more. Don’t become lazy or complacent in your relationship. There will always be someone who will be able to offer better elsewhere.

So if you don’t buck up, good luck to you! By the way people cheat when in relationships mostly because they are seeking for something that is lacking in their current relationship. So if you are guilty of checking your partner’s phone all the time then the insecurity lies in you. Don’t blame your partner for his/her straying. Instead find out what they want. Be that artiste and act the role. Don’t make it a one sided track. You are not the only person living on mother earth and NO! people don’t evolve around that little candy ass of yours.

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Likewise when we purchase things. We always seek for better offers. Constantly in search for better things.


Simply because we value ourselves and we only want the best. Like how i like my wine.  I only go for the best. I value those who add value to me. My biggest fear is to lose them. They created that much of value for me. Without them i am nothing.

So if you want someone or something badly create the value for them. Increase your worth. If they don’t miss you when you leave then it just means you have not done enough. Adding value to me is not easy as i can handle most of the the things by myself. Creativity and intelligence is what attracts me the most.

Everyone has their best and worst. Singaporean men just need to listen more and Singaporean women just need to express more. Show some love guys. Tender loving care is what we all need. Lets learn to be good receivers and providers of love. Hurt and Pain are part of life. Don’t bring past bitterness forward. Move on without your emotional baggages and let the love flow freely. Love is the only business transaction that i pay from my heart.

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