Well most Singaporeans i know do just that. I’m guilty of it as well. Whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing will depend on the extent each individual is willing to put himself/herself through. Some end up in prison and some end up dead. Sad but true. There are so many ways to make money. Some choose the illegal way while most run on the grey area because they want it fast and risk losing every thing. Are these sacrifices worth it? Most of the time we overlook living and choose to live in bitterness just to make money.

Let’s first learn to love ourself more than money and all other materialistic things. When you start to love yourself, you will soon realize that the other things aren’t really that important anymore. You begin to realize whats truly valuable. You will soon find peace and calmness. Live your life fruitfully. Find your passion for the things you love doing. Think through carefully. Chase your dreams and the rest will come chasing you. Money is just a tool to buy the things that we want. Without doubt money has its own importance.

The only true wealth creation is investing in yourself. Wealth can buy you happiness as well as problems. Remember having money is not a reward. Its a responsibility. Planning for it to be well utilized everyday can be a real challenge as we can easily succumb to buying things that aren’t really that important and by doing so, we lose our real reason of living as we begin to shift our energy on chasing material gains.

Hahahaha to think that these words are coming from me. Accumulating Money is like counting numbers…they never end. I now choose to contribute back to society in whatever ways i can to help better my society. I choose to stay away from trouble and add value to others. I’ve taken up a course, which i’ll blog about it another time. Likewise you guys should go pick up a new skill. See how you can help out at home or a friend. Read a book, watch a movie. Don’t let Facebook add pressure on you. You have your own life so live it. Don’t conform to society. Be different, be yourself. Oh well… at the end of the day, after reading all these and if you still feel that material wealth is important, then GO ahead and do whatever you want! It’s your life. Work for it!