Pokemon Go is yet to be launched in Singapore. Rumor has it that some countries are planning to to ban it entirely. I share 10 dangers users face by playing pokemon go!

  1. It’s distracting people from their work.
    This game will take the focus out of the focused.
  2. It can lead to some unexpected visitors.
    Im sure you dont want people to be loitering along your homes and corridors.
  3. Your home can become a pokemon gym.
    This is a location based app. Imagine your home becoming a pokemon gym and people start knocking on your door. You will be harassed.


  4. A young teenager found a dead body while hunting water Pokemon.
    Apparently a female teenager chanced upon a dead body floating in a river in Wyoming, US, while playing Pokemon Go. What a traumatizing effect it must have had on her. Peekaboo!
  5. You could be lured by syndicates who are robbers.
    Well these days, banks can be  easily robbed by showing a piece of paper. Robbers can now make use of the app to lure people and rob them off their belongings, especially their phones.
  6. Females and children may be a target for pedophiles and rapists.
    Some Sex Offenders may use the application to lure unsuspecting victims. My concerns are about young children who can’t defend themselves if in danger.
  7. You could get hit by a vehicle if you are distracted crossing roads.
    Recently a video of a school boy, getting hit by a car went viral. He dashed across the road without checking his blind spot. People who use their devices while crossing roads stand at a higher risk of getting knocked down if not careful.
  8. It will drain your data and battery usage.
    Telcos make money from the spike in your data usage. SP Services also make money. How? Every time you charge your phone you pay more than before because tariffs have just gone up by 9.2%.
  9. You will start to live in a circle that eats talks and walks Pokemon diverting your focus from your real life goals.
    You can just go for a total makeover for skin colour, hair colour and hmmm for your face, just surgery it. Make yourself look like Pikachu. (I know some who already look like one. Don’t Laugh!)
  10. Last but not least Privacy. The app Pokemon GO requires you to give permission for a number of privacy intrusions: location services, camera usage and data, time zone, etc. Pokemon GO is also automatically granting permission to read your Gmail.
    If can, also give them your singpass, ATM pin, debit card and credit card info.

“Technology is only good if it is informative and productive.”