We are human beings and most of our decisions that we make are based on our emotions. We do things that make us feel happy. We get sad when things don’t turn out the way we want to, most often than not. We are constantly challenged and keep trying our best to be who we want to be. Of course that doesn’t come without sacrifices. All of us want the best but can we really afford it. Even if you can, are you willing to pay the price for it. Everything comes with a cost.


When we were young, we always believed that we can achieve anything. We always try till we succeed. Full of energy and zest we constantly question the norm and try to out beat ourselves all the time. We compete and compare. We have been taught that if we don’t achieve certain standards we will not be successful in life. Is that what life is all about?

What happens when you’ve achieved all that you can? You hit a plateau. You don’t feel the excitement or euphoria of winning anymore and many things will begin to seem pointless doing and you rather sit and play games or browse through your newsfeed on Facebook just to bitch about another person’s posts. What have we actually become as a person.


Yes! This world is indeed a selfish place to begin with. We all have our needs and many have learnt to forget about graciousness or thoughtfulness and have become so driven towards chasing money. Money is a man made creation. It’s used to buy things. Today it can buy people too. We can’t tell who’s really doing something for passion and not for money. At the end of the day everybody needs to pay their bills.


Its to know that i have come across individuals who try so hard to become successful but yet always get knocked down, again and again. You work so hard to build up your sand castle and suddenly out of nowhere your sandcastle is knocked down by a huge wave. Mistakes made, lessons learnt. Most people i know fail because the trust too much or they know too little. Either ways they are recipe for disaster.


How does the society see a Man who has failed. They assume whenever they call its about borrowing money. They assume that they are problematic. They assume they are going to be bad company to associate with. Well i feel matters like this cannot be assumed. Society is not built this way. A community is there to help and no one is born an orphan. Ties may be cut as we grow but relationships are not formed on the basis of money. It is formed on the basis of love. Everyone has a drive. Every man’s drive is his woman. When his pillar of support moves apart what will the consequences be.

Let me list 10 examples:-

  1. Become severely depressed.
  2. Feel like your world is falling apart.
  3. Want to be alone and remain indoors.
  4. Embarrassed to show up in life.
  5. Start drug abuse.
  6. Lose Self-Confidence.
  7. Fear of being labelled.
  8. Worry about the future.
  9. Lose the motivation and purpose in life.
  10. Suicidal


To have the feeling of loneliness is a very sad thing. No one wants to be ostracized for mistakes that they made. We are beings. We are not born perfect. If you can be with someone during the highs why leave at their lowest. Why were you even with them in the first place. When you really sit and reflect about your life and the journey you have been through, you will know who was really there for you, is there for you and will be there for you. I have travelled a long way and as i turn back to see right now, i see no one. Absolutely no one.

Everyone is busy with their own lives and they ain’t got time for you cause they got their own problems to worry about. Most of the time, actual fact is that we could have been able to come out of awkward situations by ourselves but its always the “noise” that is coming from the people around you that get you confused, disoriented and knock you out of focus. Cut that noise out! The noise can kill you be warned!


What’s the solution to this then. Well firstly we must acknowledge that nothing is forever. We are not immortals and we will all die one day. While we are alive we can learn to share. Sharing can be of anything. Money, time, love, a listening ear, things that we have in excess it can be anything that we are willing to part with. The best joy or happiness one can contribute to himself is giving.

When you learn to give the law of the universe will know to return. What goes around comes around. Your thoughts and actions are very important. Lost all that you have built, no problem. Build again. Tired? no problem, rest and then continue. Stress is what we bestow on ourselves for trying to achieve something within an unrealistic time frame. Take a look at your “To do list”. Ask yourself if there is anything in that list that will make you an individualistic, a narcissist or a slave to your job. Redeem yourself from all those. You might be holding on things that may leading to slavery unknowingly. Live and let live. To love and to be loved.