Can you remember the first day you saw light? How was it like to cry for food and get it almost immediately. You are blessed if you never felt the pain of loss and suffering as you grew up. Not many of us are that lucky. We, as humans are bonded together by so many relationships. Are all these relationships really true to begin with. We rely on one another for comfort, love and acceptance. We join groups because we are afraid of being left out. We get into relationships because want to feel loved by someone. No body wants to be alone. Well the honest truth is all relations are forged for a benefit. In one way or another there is dependency.

Learn to Let Go

You are criticised if you are independent. People find you too strong and try to stay away from you. In actual fact the strongest character is also the weakest. They possess both extremes. At one point of time in their life they have been hurt because they were weak. They nurtured themselves and gained strength. There was no one else to help them recover. They had to heal by them self. No one can cure you but you yourself. No one can feel your pain but you yourself. When you build relationships with anyone. They are never going to be forever. People will come and go in your  life. Those that choose to stay, did so because they saw something that they wanted. Who knows maybe they might leave after they get what they want. No one is born an immortal. We are mere mortals and we will all die one day.

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Many of us are holding onto to relationships that are toxic. They are hurting and emotionally draining. Learn to let go. The pain that you feel or go through, no one else can feel it but yourself. No point brooding over it. The pain you suffer in learning to let go will be less painful than holding onto it. Trust me. I assure you on that.