Yes. I hate my wife. I truly hate her. From the bottom. of my heart… She is not the best in terms of wife material. I have my own expectations. She doesn’t come close to any of it.

At this moment I need to express myself. We married out of love. We met in Uni. It was love at first sight for me. For a start I was attracted to her. She was young beautiful, brown eyes. Her eyes was electrifying. A true beauty. Never will I ever see such a beauty in a pair of eyes. I was head over heals over her. I’m egoistic and ill never admit it to anyone not even to her. I’m a man. I have my rights reserved. Of course I played hard to get. Geez I’m a guy. I had my insecurities. I had been in many relationships before. Good and bad. It made me who I am today. These stories are reserved for another day. (I promise to share my escapades some day soon)

I’m not the perfect man. I have always been in search of the perfect woman. Over the years did I realise that there were more pussies than men out there. How disappointing for women. Yes! there are males who are not man enough to be called men. Most women found men weak. Pussies. Sad to say that these boys were always under the shield of their mothers. Mummy’s boys. What’s wrong with that? Wake up. If you are born with a stick and balls, better learn to use them to your strength. Women these days have become more Alpha. Men around the world these days are either pussies or gays. I send a message to them. Fuck you. You are a disgrace. I take challenges face on. If a woman challenges me i challenge back. Its not rude not ungentlemanly. It is a statement. It is a freaking opportunity for you to show your manliness. Don’t be lame keyboard warriors and just whine like freaking lame losers. My wife challenges me every day. Irritating? yes. Do i give up? no. I fucking give it back to her.

The women’s charter suppresses the men. It deprives the men of being who they are truly supposed to be, and they accuse the men of being pussies. Some paper documentation cant rewrite my destiny. I’m out of control. I abide by only one law. Never hit anyone who is more vulnerable than yourself. It doesn’t give you a right as a man.

Men are allowed to sleep on sofas. Its our modern day cave. I have many sofas in my place. I sleep on whichever sofa and whenever i want to. Its my right. No one can question me. I love it. It gives me an escape while tension is surrounding. Tension is always around. Women should respect a men’s space. Its our retreat while still being around.

As much as i hate my wife, that’s as much as I love her. She’s still my Queen. Though I hate to admit it, she’s stuck through with me thick and thin. I’ve had my ups and downs. Yes she’s been irritating, annoying and nagging. I still appreciate the way she challenges me with her questions and it asks me if I’m man enough to fight through. You bet. My no.1 will be my wife but I’m always the King. I’ll still have the final say its how I subtly manipulate it.

I’m a game player. You need to be a player in a relationship. Playing your cards right. Don’t be foolish to call it quits through divorce. The weaker sex still needs a man. I wont cut her off. I’ll still play it through. The moment I call it quits, I’m the loser. I’m not known to lose. Likewise most men out there. Proof your manhood. Always bring your A game. Don’t succumb to negging. Its not handsome for a man to lose. Man up and display some wit. Women love men who can over power them.

Many people have followed me. I’ve stated that I’ve stopped smoking and drinking. Smoking is good. Yes shocking enough but true. Its therapeutic because it helps with your inhaling and exhaling techniques. Likewise in Breathing in Yoga. Smoke what I smoke. I smoke Dunhill whites. Its 1 mg and a standard ciggy is about 13mg. Do the math. As for alcohol, it increases your dopamine. The feel good signal. Drink wisely. Stay tuned for the new KD. Muacks.