Acquiring assets is the foremost priority for most people who want to sustain their financial status. Some of the wealthiest groups in Singapore hold the best properties worth tens of millions. However, many homeowners of the most beautiful and expensive houses need more cash to sustain their daily expenses. 

This is where the value of being cash-rich and asset-rich must be clearly understood.

As strange as it may sound, there are many cases of people owning high-value property but are unable to pay for their daily meals.

For instance, a bungalow owner must earn more to pay the annual property tax worth $36,000. Eventually, he must sell his property to fight off the taxes.

The Drawback of Being Asset-Rich and Cash-Poor: 

A clear drawback of asset-rich but cash-poor is that your assets cannot pay off your daily expenses. Imagine owning an expensive car but being unable to drive it because you can’t afford the fuel cost.

In many cases, owners gradually sell their assets to cover expenses, eventually having nothing to their name. And one of the critical reasons for this gradual downfall is the need for more financial planning for their assets.

As an asset owner, you must ensure measures for a stable income stream without risking your assets. How do you do that? Here are some simple tips to help you.

Sell Before It’s Too Late –

While it’s great owning a large property, whether commercial or residential, you need to make the right selling decision at the right time to avoid problems. 

For instance, if you own a bungalow and are having trouble with your expenses, selling the property and buying something cheaper is a suitable option. You can strengthen your cash flow by using your assets best.

Moreover, you can also try investing in Singapore property that is cheaper and more financially viable. 

Many owners leave the decision to sell the property too late. Eventually, they are trapped with their expenses and have to settle for a lower price when forced to sell the property.

Cash Flow from Portfolio is Critical –

Many people over-invest in growth stocks hoping to get a good investment return. Their investment portfolio is typically focused on converting the present cash into a substantial value that would suffice for their high-class living post-retirement.

However, there are no dividends if you consider the popular growth stocks like NASDAQ: META and NASDAQ: ADBE. 

Likewise, investing in a business also runs the risk of receiving no dividends. Eventually, you might exhaust your cash without getting a substantial return for your current expenses.

In such cases, your investment portfolio may appear quite diverse, but you won’t be getting any cash flow from it. Hence, you may struggle to monetize your portfolio without selling some part of it. 

Ensure Dividend Paying Stocks in Your Portfolio –

The cash flow may not seem significant when you’re in your prime working years. That’s why it’s easy to ignore the cash flows until, eventually, your retirement years sneak up on you. 

Therefore, it’s essential to build a portfolio with dividend-paying stocks. This way, you can ensure a steady cash flow after retirement and avoid being trapped with your assets.

These stocks provide a passive income source that helps you sustain your lifestyle during retirement. 


Being asset-rich and cash-rich simultaneously is the perfect combo. However, it takes careful planning and a futuristic approach to sustain your lifestyle without compromising the assets. 

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