First and foremost i would like to say thanks to all those who have sent their birthday wishes to me on this day. Its always great to know that there are always well wishers who will form your foundation and pillar of support in your development.

If not for these people, i would never be. I normally mark my life milestone by my birthday. Today i turn 32 and i am feeling proud that i am also a father to my 1 year old daughter who calls me Papi. Every year without fail i will have my close ones with me to grace this occasion. I always hate to cut a cake but every year i get a cake. No body listens to me. Not even on my birthday! Hahaha. I used to celebrate my birthdays loudly with lots of booze and cigarettes.

I have passed that phase in life. Now i just enjoy the simpler things life has to offer. I value peace and quietness more now. I invest my time more wisely and i do more work than play. When that happens my friends are there to give me a balance. What would i do without them.

Its good to celebrate with your friends around you. As i grew older i realized my circle of friends have reduced tremendously. I no longer tolerate people who have issues with themselves and am also sick and tired of holding grudges as well. The longer you hold on to them the more tired you become. So the best is to forget them and move on. My life doesn’t evolve around these people anyway.

When i was young i wanted to become a pilot, then a scientist, then a lawyer, then an Army Regular but in then end i ended up becoming an Entrepreneur. Fate has sealed it for me. I’m not turning my back anymore and will only see how i can move further from here on. I really love and enjoy what i do. There are ups and downs in what i do. Its not a simple task and you are often overwhelmed with challenges that you need to overcome regularly. Being in such stressful situations all the time has taught me a lot about life. Challenges are not always permanent. If you are in a tough or bad situation, no matter how daunting it may seem, always picture the positive. You were put in that situation for a reason. That reason can be anything, but you have to believe it is for your best benefit.

Life is beautiful. Learn to be more grateful for the things you already have. Whatever you don’t have, is also a blessing in disguise. There will always be some one who is more wealthier than you. Wealth does not equate to happiness. Time spent enjoying life doing the things we truly desire, chasing the dreams we so passionately want to pursue, even though we may fail, we keep going at it till we successfully manage to achieve the desired outcome, equates to happiness. Life is not all about making money.

Sometimes we need to find that balance. Go and get drunk and have fun. Make mistakes. Fall in love then fall out of love. Live life. Smile at anyone who passes you. Make someone’s day. Give a tip to a waiter who served you. Ask the cashier at Mac Donalds if they’ve eaten before you place your order. Show up in life. Donate. Help the blind cross the road.

Give up your seat to some one who needs it more than you. Trains break down often so start carrying a book along with you in case your waiting time is longer than usual. Do something to improve your knowledge while waiting and don’t rant on Facebook. Its not going to solve anything. Maximize your time to be productive. We are all born on earth with a lease to live. None of us here knows when our lease expires. So if i were you i would start planning my time well.

Don’t waste it on people who do not deserve it. Spend it wisely and spend it on those who add value to you.. Well talking about time, now it’s my time to Party!