I’ve been living in Yishun for most of my life. Today i receive news that one of the most popular coffeeshops have closed down due to some rental issues. What exactly happened i don’t know but i guess all the shop’s businesses have been affected. Livelihoods of these hawkers will no longer be the same. Most of the residents living there will have to face inconvenience. Nonetheless life will still go on. Rising cost for rental and heavy manpower costs will kill many retail businesses in Singapore. Apparently the total outstanding rental due for 4 months is standing at a staggering amount of $680,000 Singapore dollars.

khatib coffee shop

In this next 1 to 2 years, things will get tougher. We wont be getting what we expect. No easy life. Its only when shit hits the fan you start worrying about your future and your existence on earth. Selfish? Nope its survival. Now we have 2 choices. Go with the flow or start to look at ways to improve ourselves and see how we can be much better contributors to society. The more you can do the more we can build the more we can achieve, together.

khatib coffee shop

When things we build begin to fall apart. We remain resilient. We pick up the broken and fix it instead of throwing it away.

With Love