Surprised? Well its true. Let me ask you a question. Will you feel proud of someone who broadcasts his achievement of climbing Mt Everest or will you brandish him as proud because you couldn’t do it yourself? (anyway only those that are closely related to you will feel this) Well we are all so used to blaming others for our own failures. However when something goes extremely well you want to take all the credit to yourself. I just wonder when these people will just put a stop to it. If you have what it takes, BE LOUD about it. Be that head turner. BE PROUD about it. Only you know what you are good at. Don’t worry about what others think about you cause everyone has a right to an opinion and so do you. Let people see your achievements. Show your mettle. BE BOLD about it. Whether its the color of your shirt or the bag you carry. Leave a statement and let your presence be felt. Only confused people pretend to be humble. It was never in our nature to be humble.

Think about it. When we feel proud about something and we share about it to our family or friends they immediately shut us off and tell us to be humble and not talk about it. Now how the hell will people ever hear or come to know about your talents. Often we mistake being proud for arrogance. To be proud, is feeling confident. To be arrogant, is feeling over confident.

Do you really think celebrities are humble? Who are we kidding. If they were successful by being humble, trust me, they wont be at where they are right now. Anyone who shows that he or she is humble is fake and is just portraying to be someone that they are not. Acting on reel and in real is a norm. You forgot they’re actors. In fact i stay away from people who are humble and I compete with those who are proud instead. This way I am more productive. I compete fiercely with anyone who’s proud and thinks they are the best. I choose to be humble to those whom i choose not to compete with. I don’t kill those who shy away from competition. In relation to my business I take the bullets first. I will go all out for my business.

My business is my life and I live for it. With that I have all the right to showcase what I have achieved and accumulated. Yes you can call me proud but I am not arrogant. I care for my people so don’t be confused with the both. In order for you to grow your own personal network you have to be loud and proud. People will watch you and begin to take action. Nobody takes action seeing someone humble. Be realistic, its a fact so face it. In order for me to make changes i cannot choose to be humble. It will kill my business along with me. I need to drive change. I am the man that’s going to make things happen. So don’t expect me to be quiet if you ever cross my path. I’ll be screaming right in your face. I’ve a direction and I’ll take on anything and everything that comes in my way. Today i do things that no one will do so that tomorrow i can do things that no one can do!