I really love the gift but unfortunately I can’t accept it. Please don’t throw gifts into my front porch. Firstly it’s rude and secondly that’s not how we give gifts. To the kind soul that did this please take note that my daughter and i don’t take gifts from strangers and there is no one else in my house that plays with dolls. Let me explain to you how this can be done in a more appropriate and thoughtful manner. Buy a card, write something nice on it and sign off with your name, unless of course if you want to remain anonymous then leave an email address. Arrange for a delivery guy to deliver it on your behalf.

Don’t know any? Try Google search. Don’t just throw it over my gate and expect everyone at home to start guessing who’s it from. Unfortunately neither my daughter and I can accept this therefore we’ll be giving it away to the salvation army. Your gift will still be put to good use. By the way the bear looks scary and just because i’m Indian doesn’t mean you have to send me a black bear…right?  Next time send me some SPA vouchers instead. Thank you.