Five Tips Manage Stress In The Workplace

Take a break

Although it sounds great to give 110 percent at work, that’s not a sustainable option for your mental and physical health. Taking on too much can lead to fatigue.

Recognize your periods of maximum productivity

Most of us have periods in the day when our focus and productivity are at their highest. Aim to accomplish the bulk of your work within these periods.

What you see is what you get

Reinventing your work environment can alleviate stress. Try adding a plant to your office, putting pictures of family and friends on your desk, or even using an air freshener.

Talk about your stress and needs with your supervisor

It’s often the responsibility of the employee to speak up if something in their work environment is causing them undue stress.

When stressed, prioritize self-care

Remember that it is not selfish to take time to manage your stress.Sometimes, despite our best efforts, stress persists in our work environment. In cases where stress continues