7 Signs of Mentally Strong People

They deal with reality for what it is and deal with challenges directly. Mentally resilient people take stock of facts.

They accept the consequences of their choices. They take responsibility for their actions and the effects of their decisions.

They possess the ability to self-monitor. Self-monitoring means that one can have an awareness of their behavior, feelings, and thoughts

They possess the ability to self-correct. They adjust their responses in any given situation to produce positive consequences.

They can make meaning of their past hurts and experiences and have a spiritual framework to make meaning of the bad things.

They do not engage in affective realism; they can access feelings and facts at the same time. Affective realism is basing reality on how one "feels" about events in the world.

They deal with their past; they don’t bury events. They can recognize and deal with emotionally distressing events in their past.