The Top 5 Social Media Influencers in Singapore

1.Lady Iron Chef

Created by Brad Lau, Ladyironchef is one of the leading food and travel blogs in Singapore. His blog posts are SEO optimized and always pop up as the top few search results whenever you are looking for food recommendations within the little red dot.

2. Daniel Food Diary

2. Daniel Food Diary

Managed by Daniel Ang, DFD is another one of Singapore’s most visited food blogs with up to 2 million page views monthly. As Daniel pays for every plate of food his blog features, he is known to be honest and unbiased with his opinions and critique.

3.Xia Xue

As one of the few OGs in the Singapore blogging industry, Xiaxue is one of the biggest names out there. Before her life as a mom, she was primarily focused on makeup and beauty, and her blogging journey started back in 2013.

4. KD Rooban

Hi, I’m Rooban.Top social media influencers singapore Also known as KD Rooban and NO! the initials are not given to me by my parents.

5. Naomi Neo

Naomi is known as one of the most versatile social media influencers and focuses her content on Instagram and YouTube. Her videos take on a large variety of formats ranging from vlogs to skits and DIY tutorials.