Five steps to create your first Web Story

Choose a visual editor

A visual editor is a program that enables you to produce and customize your photos, videos and graphics. They often come with simple functionality and built-in templates

Draft the story

The best Web Stories tell a complete narrative from the moment they are published to keep the reader engaged. Since all pages of a story are published at once

Find the visual assets

Choosing the right imagery or videos is essential to creating a compelling Web Story. This can be the most time-consuming task, but if you’ve been blogging.

Create the Web Story

Once you have your story drafted and all your assets in one place, it’s time to start building. When you’re first starting out

Publish the Web Story

Once you feel good about your Web Story’s media, layout and text it’s time to send it out into the world. When you’re using a visual editor, this is as simple as clicking the Publish button.