10 Things Women Only Do With Men They Love

1. She’ll want to know everything about you

The good, the bad and the ugly – only when a woman is in love with you will she want to know every detail of your life. Even the ones that might not seem important to you!

2. Maternal instincts kick in

While men tend to be naturally protective, women are naturally nurturing. Both of these feelings are primal instincts that the genders experience in a relationship. When a woman really loves you, she may start acting a bit motherly.

3. Supporting and encouraging your dreams

When you love another human being, you naturally want them to be successful and happy. Although men misperceive this as being pushy, when a woman truly loves a man.

4. She accepts you the way you are

Changing someone doesn’t work, and trying to means that you don’t truly love that person at their core. When a woman really loves you.

5. Staying with you through the lows

A woman that stays through the dark times and still works on loving you through your moments of low self-esteem is a keeper.

6. Getting close to your loved ones matter to her

Falling in love with you means falling in love with your support network. A woman who loves you will always show respect and try to be accepted by your friends and family.

7. She won’t be afraid to get vulnerable

It’s natural for a woman to have her walls up when the two of you are first dating, but once she finally falls for you, it’ll be much easier for her to open up and see you as trustworthy.

8. She trusts you with her secrets

Whether it’s information about her ex or some other secret that the rest of the world doesn’t know, women don’t share their baggage easily.

9. You’re her priority, and it shows

No woman will immediately put you above her friends, family and other things that are important to you. However, the more she falls in love with you, the higher up her priority list you’ll rise.

10. She’s not afraid to make sacrifices

Making sacrifices and compromising is an important part of any relationship. If a woman is willing to put aside a project or her own needs and help you out when you need it.